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  • 2010 – A Personal Change: putting my “Head In The Cloud”

    Slightly over two years after arriving here in Redmond to work on the WPF team, time has come for me to make a switch and pursue other opportunities within the company. Starting January 13th, I’ll be working on the SQL Cloud Data Programmability Team on various projects related to democratizing the cloud...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 10 Jan 2010
  • Top 9 Posts from 2009

    select top 9 [Subject] from dbo . cs_Posts where postlevel = 1 and usertime < '01/01/2010' and usertime >= '01/01/2009' order by TotalViews desc Forgive me for the classic SQL, but here are the results with some short annotations inline: (Mis)using C# 4.0 Dynamic – Type-Free Lambda...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 03 Jan 2010
  • Extraordinary Non-Technical Activities On Saturday

    In this post, I’m going to do something out of the ordinary: write a post on a non-technical matter, in the “Personal” and “Microsoft” (big-bucket general stuff kind-a) categories I’ve left unattended for way too long. So, if you’re looking for interesting technical stuff, go look elsewhere this time...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 19 Sep 2009
  • The tale of the occasional network administrator

    Saturday evening, 10:30 PM, Seattle time. Window 7 RC's audio stack is pumping music from the Internet Explorer process to the laptop speakers, the process manager boosts Word 2007 with foreground priority. Bart is writing something yet unannounced. Live Messenger (not to be renamed Bing Messenger...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 31 May 2009
  • Going Rock Solid – SSD Blows Me Away (Really!)

    Geeks need fancy hardware, don’t they? Well, for a geek, this evening has been a most exciting one. A while back, I decided I should start thinking about upgrading my laptop. I’m currently running a dual core 2.16 GHz machine with 2GB of RAM. As I’m writing this, I conclude I’ve already forgotten when...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 23 Feb 2009
  • Upcoming trips – TechDays Finland, Belgium and more

    Readers can expect traffic caused by my blog to decrease a bit over the next few weeks as I’ll be travelling to Europe for a couple of events I’ll be speaking at (not to talk about the preparations required for the seven distinct talks <g>). If you’re attending any of those events or are in the...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 22 Feb 2009
  • The Tale of the Obscure Weblog Engine Bug

    A couple of days ago I wrote about Oslo in my blog entry Getting started with Oslo – Introducing “M” . It turned out quite a bit of a hassle to get the thing posted for various reasons that make my setup not ideal. Here’s what the battlefield looked like: A short combat with IntelliMirror . Our network...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 15 Feb 2009
  • Blog Traffic Load Balancing

    I love my blog readers. Of course purely in a professional sense but still. Before I continue, let me point out to my much beloved audience on the other side of the RSS channel that this post isn't particularly interesting. So, if you're looking for hardcore technical stuff, I'd strongly...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 19 Apr 2008
  • Upcoming Event: DevDays 2008 - Amsterdam

    After my previous little European tour visiting Ghent and Lisboa talking about LINQ, Parallel FX Extensions, Windows PowerShell 2.0 and WPF, I'm looking forward to meet the European audience again at DevDays 2008 Amsterdam . I'm especially thrilled about this one since it's my first speaking...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 18 Apr 2008
  • Upcoming speaker commitments

    Next month I'll be traveling back to Europe to speak at a couple of  launch events (or to be more precise, at the TechDays conferences organized right after these). Here's my schedule: March 11-13, 2008 - Ghent, Belgium www.techdays.be March 14, 2008 - Lisboa, Portugal www.techdays.pt If...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 03 Feb 2008
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