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One of the features in ASP.NET I like most is the support for output caching. Today I've been writing an HTTP handler in ASP.NET (see earlier post) and I've added support for caching to the application. The Microsoft Application Center Test (ACT) tool...
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My second article on "Hosting the ASP.NET runtime" was released on today. In this article I cover the ability to run ASP.NET applications from a cd-rom using the lightweight Cassini webserver. Give it a try! The direct link to the article...
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I'm currently writing a (in my opinion great) article for MSDN Belux on HTTP Handlers in ASP.NET . This feature is really cool (as most features in ASP.NET). I've implemented the first part of the solution today during my train trip from Ghent (where...
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What is it? RSS stands for RDF Site Summary, an XML-based system to retrieve the actual contents of another site in a client-application (for example, a Windows Forms client reader application). Real techies want to know what RDF is of course, okay here...
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