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SQL Server 2008 "Katmai" June CTP available

Get it now from! Download size is only about 877.34 MB, so don't hesitate :-).

With SQL Server 2008 June CTP release, customers can immediately utilize new capabilities that support their mission-critical platform and enable pervasive insight across the enterprise. SQL Server 2008 lays the groundwork for innovative policy-based management that enables administrators to reduce their time spent on maintenance tasks. SQL Server 2008 provides enhancements in the SQL Server BI platform by enabling customers to provide up-to-date information with Change Data Capture and MERGE features, and develop highly scalable analysis services cubes with new development environments. 

For more information on Katmai, visit A few highlights include:

  • Mission-Critical Platform
    • Improved data encryption, auditing, key management
    • Data page recovery enhancements, transparent failover
    • Declarative Management Framework (DMF) for policy compliance enforcement
    • Data compression support out-of-the-box
    • Resource utilization management using Resource Governor
    • Predicatable query performance by improved query plan caching
    • Streamlined installation
    • Hot Add CPU
  • Dynamic development
    • LINQ to entities and ADO.NET Object Services
    • Unified data synchronization platform with offline designers, data change tracking, etc
  • Beyond relational data
    • Support for additional kinds of non-relational data
    • FileStream data storage support with transactional integrity
    • Integrated Full-Text Search
    • Sparse columns, large user-defined types
    • Location-aware applications with spatial data and location data
  • Pervasive business insight
    • Higher data and backup compression
    • Partitioned table parallelism
    • Change Data Capture tracks changes to data
    • Various query optimizations for data warehouse scenarios
    • Enhanced SSIS scalability with persistent lookups and pipeline improvements
    • MERGE SQL statement
    • Analysis scalability enhancements with writeback and block computations
    • Scalable reporting with better scale-out, internet reporting scenarios, an improved Report Builder, Office integration, forms authentication, integration in existing apps, enhanced management

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