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LINQ-SQO v0.9.1 (for Orcas Beta 1) RTW

A couple of weeks ago I announced the availability of LINQ-SQO v0.9 (Release Candidate). Today the project has reached another release stage: LINQ-SQO v0.9.1. This release is in conformance with the Orcas Beta 1 LINQ-to-Objects implementation and can be downloaded here (see releases). Major features are:

  • Fixes for a few bugs
  • Implementation of Average, Min, Max and Sum operations on floating numbers
  • Additional method overloads for various Enumerable extension methods using IEqualityCOmparer<T> parameters
  • Extra overloads for Aggregate and SelectMany methods
  • New naming convention for generic parameters (TSource, TResult, TElement, TKey, etc instead of T, R, E, K, etc)

The unit test project still has to be extended to reflect these changes. The future roadmap of the project will depend on the release schedule of Orcas and will follow major Orcas milestones (v0.9.x releases where x indicates the major milestone, i.e. x = 1 for Beta 1, x = 2 for Beta 2, etc).

FYI: An update for the LINQ-to-SharePoint project is coming soon in the next few weeks. It will cover a set of bug fixes, support for other field types (including Lookup fields), a revamped entity model (working towards update support in a later stage), etc.

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