Monday, February 19, 2007 7:29 PM bart

SQL Server 2005 SP2 - Error 29528 - KB925976

While updating SQL Server 2005 to the SP2 level on my own machine and a server I maintain, I encountered the following problem:

  • Setup of Database Services and Analysis Services fails.
  • The error report mentions error 29528.
  • Description: "The setup has encountered an unexpected error while setting Internal Properties"

Solution: see KB925976. It worked for me on both machines. Running SP2 right now! | Digg It | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit | DotNetKicks

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Monday, February 19, 2007 11:29 PM by Koen

I read the new features list but none of them could really amuse me. Can you tell me what your favorite features are in SP2?

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 4:17 AM by bart

Hi Koen, My favorite features in SP2? Here we go: 1. vardecimal type 2. 2007 Office System support for Analysis Services & WSS 3.0 support for Reporting Services 3. improved performance due to improved plan caching and mem usage 4. lots of small improvements that will make life easier For a full list, see - Notice there are quite some SQL Server areas I don't really focus on, such as Integration Services, to have a good clue about the major improvements on all fields (pillars). Beside of this, SP2 continues the effort to bring more power to Express users as well. And not to forget, each SP is a milestone in a product's overall stability and contains lots of bugfixes that will make the product more solid. Maybe the distinction between a SP and a FP (feature pack) has somewhat blurred over the years (although - undoubtly - great marketing-oriented descriptions exist for both concepts) but SPs are a must-install after all. -Bart

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 4:33 AM by bart

Hi Koen,

My favorite features? A little list:

1. vardecimal type

2. performance improvements

3. 2007 Office and WSS 3.0 support for AS and RS

Notice I'm not a BI expert so there are likely much more attractive top features in SP2 for the BI folks out there. Beside of this there are lots of small improvements that make life easier.

For Express users, this SP continues to add functionality to the product that was otherwise only available for Standard/Enterprise users.

One important remark though is that we're talking about a service pack, which should be installed anyway to help overall system reliability and stability. Each SP is a huge milestone towards a better product. I agree that the distinction between service packs and features packs has somewhat blurred over time but SPs remain in the "must install" camp.