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Orcas - Read about System.IO.Pipes

Anonymous and named pipes are IPC mechanisms to communicate between processes. Basically, anonymous pipes work only for communication between processes in a one-way fashion on the same machine, whileas named pipes can be used for two-way communication between a server and clients.

Personally, I've had some exposure to pipes in the past when reading about SQL Server Internals and experimenting with CreateNamedPipe, (Dis)ConnectNamedPipe, CallNamedPipe, amongst others. Pretty complex stuff but very powerful.

So, I'm happy to point you to the Introducing Pipes post on the BCL Team's blog which brings the good news that using pipes is now also in the managed code developer's toolkit! I hope to find some time to play with this myself in the very near future.

I'll blog about other Orcas features myself later on, such as the System.Threading.ReaderWriterLockSlim class I've been playing with a bit lately. If you haven't download the Orcas October CTP yet, download it here. It might be a little late to tell you this, since the change of having a new CTP available increases day by day :-). | Digg It | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit | DotNetKicks

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