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TechEd 2006 IT Forum - Day One (cont'd)

What a weird day this was. Woke up terribly sick and tired; guess the roundtrip through the city last weekend on top of the roof of a tourist bus is the evil (maybe the late night edition at Friday has to be blamed as well). As I mentioned earlier today, Bob's keynote kept me awake. But after that I had some pretty difficult times in the ATE to stay awake. Luckily there's that nice Spanish nurse in the cellar of the building that had some asperine that made me survive the afternoon. Never took much medicines before, but in this case it seemed to work pretty well. In the afternoon I attended (well, sort of) Rafal's session on holistic security as well as Steve Riley's one on system protection in Windows Vista, while doing some last minute work on my Speaker Idol demo. Have to say, this time I didn't win (which is kind of a relief as well; I'm not an IT pro after all). Apparently the judges liked the PowerShell-based PPT thing, but I went way over time (12 minutes instead of only 5) due to some technical issues with the Windows Live OneCare firewall that turned on all of a sudden (didn't have that issue last week) and, yes I have to admit, due to the little last-minute preparation. Maybe I shouldn't have blamed the product but that's I guess a developer's frustration when security turns against him. No further excuses :-). I want to thank the Belgian audience for the support and want to congratulate Andy Malone with his great presentation on Speech Recognition in Windows Vista. To all participants who'll be next: good luck and beware of the judges :-).

Oh, before I do forget, below you can find the "slides" I used. Just copy-paste into Windows PowerShell and press enter twice and there you go:

$ppt = { cls; write-host Windows PowerShell in 5 minutes; write-host *******************************; Read-Host; write-host * Next-generation command-line shell; write-host * Object-oriented; write-host write-host ??? = DIFFICULT ???; Read-Host; cls; write-host Discoverability; write-host ***************; Read-Host; write-host * Getting started; Read-Host; write-host * Demo - Scream for HELP: get-help; Read-Host; powershell; cls; write-host Commandlets and aliases; write-host ***********************; read-host; write-host * Cmdlet = Verb + Noun; read-host; write-host * get-process, get-childitem, clear-host, ...?; read-host; write-host * Enter aliases; Read-Host; write-host * Demo - get-command and get-alias; Read-Host; powershell; cls; write-host Object-orientation; write-host ******************; read-host; write-host * Developers, developers, developers?; read-host; write-host * NO!; read-host; write-host * What is an object?; write-host - Data = properties; write-host - Operations = methods; read-host; write-host * Discoverability: get-member read-host; write-host * Demo - The old way; write-host; cmd; cls; write-host Object-orientation; write-host ******************; write-host; write-host * Developers, developers, developers?; write-host; write-host * NO!; write-host; write-host * What is an object?; write-host - Data = properties; write-host - Operations = methods; write-host; write-host * Discoverability: get-member write-host; write-host * Demo - The old way; write-host; write-host * Demo - File information and file operations; Read-Host; powershell; cls; write-host Drives all the way; write-host ******************; read-host; write-host * What is a drive? [a-Z]:; read-host; write-host * Much more; write-host - HKLM:; write-host - Cert:; write-host - Variable:; write-host - Alias:; read-host; write-host * get-psdrive read-host; write-host * Demo - Dive into the registry; Read-Host; powershell; cls; write-host Conclusion; write-host **********; read-host; write-host * 5 commandlets to remember:; write-host - get-help; write-host - get-command; write-host - get-alias; write-host - get-member; write-host - get-psdrive; read-host; cls; write-host Q "&" A; write-host *****; write-host; write-host * info@bartdesmet.net; write-host * http://blogs.bartdesmet.net/bart; read-host; $ie = new-object -Com internetexplorer.application; $ie.Navigate2("http://blogs.bartdesmet.net/bart"); $ie.visible = 1; exit; }; &$ppt;
Enjoy! On to my ATE dutie right now, where I'll be the rest of the week at the indicated times (see previous post) to help you out with all possible PowerShell issues.

Cheers (Bart still in recovery mode)!

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