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Windows Vista - Look mom, I'm ReadyBoost enabled

Just bought a new USB stick with a capacity of 4 GB (3.78 GiB); ideal to transfer ISO files and even VHD files (no, uncompressed Vista VHDs won't fit on the device). However, this is the ideal opportunity to test-drive Vista's ReadyBoost technology (codenamed EMD == "External Memory Device"). So, I plugged in the device and Windows AutoPlayed me a couple of options, one of which being to "Speed up my system using this device". So, I chose that one:

I chose the indicated capacity which falls in the range of 1x to 2.5x physical memory (in my case that's 2 GB). A couple of seconds later you'll find a file of the indicated size on the device:

This is where ReadyBoost will cache (portions of) the pagefile which lives on your system volume. Basically, that's what ReadyBoost is all about: a fast-access cache for the pagefile on flash memory (which is faster than a harddisk for random access, i.e. little "seek times"). By doing this, the speed of your system should increase. Waiting to see the result... Time to launch of few 1 GB virtual machines and do some work in Visual Studio 2005 and 2007 Office System in the mean time.

If you want to see what's going on inside the ReadyBoost mechanism, you can take a look on the associated performance counters:

For a FAQ on ReadyBoost check out

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# Windows Vista e la tecnologia ReadyBoost

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