Friday, August 18, 2006 4:57 PM bart

The pain of Vista's CTRL-SHIFT-F9 when working with Visual Studio 2005

This has been annoying me since a couple of weeks for now, so I thought to express my frustration online :-). Vista uses the CTRL-SHIFT-F9 key combination to turn on/turn off the Aero experience. Guess how much I'm using this key combination to make a VS2005 project breakpoint free? :P

I was looking for a registry hack to disable this key combination (or to change it) but didn't found anything. Someone a suggestion? And no, I'm not going to assign another key combination in VS2005; I'm an old-fashioned guy that doesn't like to change habits especially when it comes down to shortcuts (did you know ALT-D does still - thanks god - work in IE7 although there is no Address thing somewhere on the screen?; did you know all Office 2003 key combinations for menus still work in 2007 Office System which lacks menus?).

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