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Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals

Soon the happy family of Visual Studio 2005 Team products will be enlarged with "Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals":

Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals delivers a market-shifting database development product designed to manage database change, improve software quality through database testing and bring the benefits of Visual Studio Team System and life cycle development to the database professional.

One of the fathers of this tool is Gert Drapers, who has been with the SQL Server group for many years (going back to the dark Sybase ages) and has moved on to Visual Studio some time ago. (Note: Visual Studio seems to be a popular "move on" target for SQL Server folks; Euan Garden has moved to Visual Studio too recently).

The first CTP of the new baby will arrive on June 11th. More information is available on | Digg It | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit | DotNetKicks

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