Thursday, January 26, 2006 8:10 PM bart

Join the Windows Live club

Want to test-drive some Windows Live services already? Take a look at Starring:

  • Windows Live Messenger, the successor of MSN Messenger
  • Windows Live Custom Domains, a mailservice bound on your own domain
  • Windows Live Mail, the successor of MSN Hotmail
  • Windows Live Favorites, a new star at the horizon
  • Windows Live Safety Center and Windows OneCare Live to keep your pc healthy
  • Windows Live Local, the place to find maps, satellite photos and more about your region (US only currently)
  • Windows Live Search, to find stuff on the internet you can use immediately on mobile devices (search, save, get maps, establish communication)
  • Windows Live Expo, the online market place and social networking site
  • ... and more to come soon

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