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CLR Hosting - part 0


In this upcoming series of blogposts on "CLR Hosting" I'm going to tell you how you can take benefit of the .NET Framework v2.0's CLR Hosting API in order to take advantage of the power of the CLR inside your own applications. Together with a series on ".NET Framework internals" I have the intention to offer you a collection of posts that answer some common questions I did receive in the last couple of months/years and that I've asked myself too before I decided to dive into this stuff a little deeper.

The stuff I'll be covering here is in fact an aggregation of various sources I've consulted myself while learning the "dark sides of .NET". Without doubt, much of this stuff will be covered elsewhere on the world wide web too, but by writing a series of posts over here I've the feeling to deliver added value by writing a series of mini-articles that give a pretty good overview of the overall structure and functionality of the .NET Framework and the CLR, that can be consulted by myself and others as a quick reference. As the matter in fact, I'll be creating some level-400 resources (PowerPoints, demos) for myself as I had to perform quite a lot of "cut everywhere on the web-paste in one ppt" methodology while composing presentations for .NET introductions and .NET dive deeper sessions.



As mentioned above, you have to look at these blogpost series as being aggregations of various sources. I consider some of these as mandatory reading for everyone who's working with .NET as a developer and wants to know more than "how to write code, how to compile it, how to debug it and how to run it", including:

Other resources include:

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You can also add Dino's blog ( He is a fellow tester in the CLR team and does a lot of (amazing) work related to hosting...

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