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TechEd 2005 Europe - Last chance to register and ... maximise your time

Hi folks,

Only 20 days left to TechEd 2005 Europe (Amsterdam), so if you haven't registered yet, it's about time to do so. Allow me to make some more promotion for this exciting event in this blog post :-). TechEd 2005 is built around three key pillars:

  • Technical Education: What everyone knows as "the sessions" now in 12 different tracks with over 400 sessions in total. I'm sure you won't have any timeslot left without a topic of your interest! Beside the technical sessions, there are also Hands-on Labs (HOLs) to discover the technology in a Do-It-Yourself fashion, Chalk-&-Talks where you are in the center, Panel Discussions with product team members, etc.
  • Community & Networking: TechEd 2005 is the place to be to meet European peers to network with, both in formal and informal ways. Find the people you always wanted to meet and share thoughts on various technologies, solutions for problems, best practices, etc. This key pillar includes chatting with Microsoft product team members and the Ask-The-Experts (ATE) booth where you'll find people to answer your questions about products and technologies. Don't miss out this golden opportunity to ask the questions you always wanted to ask (and remember: there are not stupid questions, only stupid answers).
  • Technology Evaluation: Watching the products in action during demos in the various sessions is one thing. Real gurus need to try it themselves to get convinced about the value of the various new features and technologies. TechEd 2005 offers you this ability with over 250 Hands-on Labs equipped with various products, including the betas, and step-by-step Do-It-Yourself scripts. And of course, there will be a bunch of experts at your service to answer all of your questions.

Wow, that's much, isn't it? If this is a little too overwhelming, watch the Maximise your time video to get a complete overview of all this stuff, loud-n-clear.

What else is up? Let's give a short overview of other exciting stuff you should be sure not to miss during these 4 or 5 days:

  • How Microsoft Does IT will show you how Microsoft manages its own infrastructure, of course with Microsoft products :-) (eat your own ... right?). Cost-effectiveness is key and these sessions will show you how to accomplish this goal.
  • The TechEd 2005 Party on July 7th is the golden opportunity for you folks to show you're not just a technology geek ;-). This year the party is sponsored by the System Center product (you know, the merge of SMS and MOM), but I'm not sure this strong product will help to improve your manageability during the party :d.
  • Bloggers: you'll find a list of TechEd bloggers on the TechEd website to get to know the latest news.
  • The well-known Andrew Cheeseman network infrastructure equipped with over 300 networked computers, the Attendee Website, Exchange-based e-mail with OWA, wireless networking and Voice-over-IP communication. Try it and be astonished about the power of all these Microsoft-technologies live in action under heavy load.
  • Women in Technology is a lunch-session followed by (for the first time) a dedicated track for people (not only women!) interested in advancing the careers of Women in Technology.
  • Post Conference DVD. I strongly agree with the argument TechEd offers sooo much stuff and it's very hard to choose the right track at the right time. I do know the feeling of wanting to attend 5 sessions in the same timeslot :-). Luckily all attendees will receive a post-conference DVD with the slides and Windows Media videos of all the sessions.
  • Much much more: the Microsoft Learning & Conference Bookshop, the Microsoft Community Lounge, Microsoft Partner Zones, Community Hosts, etc. For a full list of "features", check

And finally, the Session Search Tool is on-line. Planning is not finalized yet (room allocation will depend on your input when attendees fill out their planned schedule on the Attendee Website) but the content is already there. Check it out now, over here:

So, there's no excuse left not to attend TechEd :-). Register now, it's still possible! | Digg It | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit | DotNetKicks

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# re: TechEd 2005 Europe - Last chance to register and ... maximise your time

Saturday, June 18, 2005 11:35 AM by bart

Bart, I am wondering, as a starting .NET student, Tech Ed is only visited by people who's employer pays for it? I mean, more then 2500 Euro. This is a little bit over my head...
Kind regards,Kris

# re: TechEd 2005 Europe - Last chance to register and ... maximise your time

Saturday, June 18, 2005 1:00 PM by bart

Hi Kris,

Thanks for your feedback! I have to admit that you made the right analysis about the main target audience of TechEd. I'd suggest to follow the blogs (visit the TechEd website for a complete list, take a look at also for the American equivalent, not sure it will contain European blogs too within a couple of weeks). If you need more information about .NET related stuff whatsoever, don't hesitate to send me a mail, you can find my e-mailaddress on my website.