Sunday, March 27, 2005 12:11 AM bart

The tool to find codenames - Microsoft MapPoint North America

After all the Comega stuff (which will be continued for a while I guess), let's post some funny things (allowing you to take a breath after all this nasty new syntax and geeky IL stuff).

You ever wondered about these funny codenames such as Everett, Whidbey, Longhorn, BlackComb, Yukon, Whitehorse? Well, you can find all these somewhere in North America using MapPoint :-). For example, the roadmap of development tools is going from Everett over Whidbey to Orcas. Everett is a town near Redmond and Seattle. By crossing some water ("Possession Sound") you end up on Whidbey island (likely they skipped Gedney, another island, as a codename). By going further in the northwestern direction, you'll end up on another island called Orcas. What will be next? San Juan, Saltspring, Lopez all sounds pretty good in my private opinion.

Other codenames have also funny stories associated with them such as Longhorn, BlackComb, Whistler (see Yukon and Whitehorse can be found in Canada and Kodiak is in Alaska (other islands in that neighborhood such as Woody and Long were rejected for some reason, maybe you can think of some).

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