Monday, August 23, 2004 10:40 AM bart

Personal Stupid Tools

Do you have the bad habit to put a lot of files on your desktop as well? If this is not the case, it's safe to exit right now :-) For the others (I hope I'm not alone), this "Personal Stupid Tool" can be a welcome relief (or annoyance). I really like to create tools for the most stupid scenario you can think of. Putting files on a desktop is one of these... To address this bad habit I created a simple (I can't repeat it enough: but in one word stupid) tool, called the "BdsSoft Watch My Desktop" tool. It just sits in the system tray, is loaded automatically at user logon time (Start, Programs, Startup) and displays a warning whenever you attempt to store something on the desktop. I'm now running it for a couple of days and it makes me think whenever I'm on my way to press the magic key combination CTRL-S. Hopefully it helps on a longer term to reduce my dirty, silly, etc habits on the field of organizing my system :-)

You can download it from my website on (And yes, it's removable in case you find it really annoying).

Technical details: written in C# using Visual Studio .NET 2003.
Magic component: FileSystemWatcher
Lines of code: (not generated, but self-written) 11
Development time: less than 5 minutes
Rate of stupidity: 10 | Digg It | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit | DotNetKicks

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