Wednesday, June 30, 2004 10:11 AM bart

TechEd - The Tuesday story

It's all about ATE and parties :-). Missed the keynote unfortunately since I had to setup the demo machines for the ATE booth of Virtual Server (I was thinking " what's a Virtual Server without virtual machines on it?", I guess you would be thinking the same too). However, I received some nice questions on the product (and most of the time I was able to find a pretty nice answer as well :-)). In the afternoon I was just doing some standby for the Visual Studio .NET ATE and then joined two sessions on ASP.NET Whidbey (just to see the peoples reactions on all those exciting features :-)) and on XP (no, not the OS but eXtreme Programming, something I'm a fan of for a few years now).

So far for the serious stuff... Let's go short: two parties on one day, it's pretty huge. First there was the MVP party near the event venue and furthermore there was the Academics party in Alkmaar on about 20 kilometres from the event venue (there were buses of course). Almost had a bus accident on the trip to "The Beach" (so the place was called where there was some indoor beach). I guess that's part of the TechEd adventures... However, I'm happy with my Tuesday on TechEd and learned to know some nice guys (both Belgians on the parties and others on the ATE desk). Going to bed "in the morning" (but I don't like to specify the exact hour on my public blog :-)).

Ok, now we're Wednesday and I'm off for one more session before I start at the ATE booth. This afternoon I have a meeting with a few guys on some products as well, more news to follow on my blog later on. And of course waiting for the country party tonight already ;-).

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004 4:53 PM by bart

Hello Bart,

my comment on: "...learned to know some nice guys."

It's time to look for a nice girl now you're in 'Holland'. ;-)

Have fun and enjoy the 'holidays'.

Koen D'Haese aka K#