Monday, June 07, 2004 10:16 PM bart

Cassini as a Windows Service

There've been quite a lot questions about running Cassini (the light-weight ASP.NET web server that is part of the ASP.NET Web Matrix of which the code is freely available via as a Windows Service. Since I did this already more than one year ago, I decided to put the bits and bytes of my solution online (in a stripped-down release since the full solution was designed especially to provide a secured download center for Microsoft software - see for example; you'll recognize the string "BdsSoft" which is my nickname when creating software solutions :-) - this solution is based on Cassini and WSE to secure the download process by using some ticketing system over a secure channel between the download- and ticketserver). The solution can be downloaded from It's allowed to make all the changes you like to make, but let me know via mail what you've changed so that we can bring our ideas together to make the solution even better.

Remark: the EULA of Cassini still holds of course; more info via - Source Projects - Cassini.

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