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Exchange 2003 Anti-Spam Filter

A few days ago, Microsoft released its own anti-spam filter based on several technologies that were already built in into Outlook and the Hotmail on-line service. With the release of Exchange 2003 we saw a new API in the Exchange SDK that allowed third parties to develop a spam filter on Exchange 2003 in a flexible and (fairly) easy way. More info on the anti-spam initiative can be found on http://www.microsoft.com/mscorp/twc/privacy/spam.mspx (including the documents describing the further plans in the field of anti-spam such as the Caller ID technology). The anti-spam filter was installed on the servers I'm responsible for a few days ago (in combination with the Exchange 2003 SP1) and it seems to work pretty well (http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/techinfo/security/antispam.asp). Make sure you read the referenced documents as well to get the (easy!) configuration right.

One note: if you install Exchange 2003 SP1, make sure you copy the customized OWA files (I added a link to install the SSL certificate on the client) since these will be replaced during the setup :-(.

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