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RAMDISK on Windows Server 2003

Sometimes I like to do something special. Today this was not different :-). There was one of the MSDN DVDs that wasn't ever installed completely over here on my machine, the one that contains the DDK (Driver Development Kit). How dare you Bart? I have quite some SDKs on my machine but that one was missing. Okay, problem solved today. Installing a lot of software has a nice side-effect: the Start menu is becoming quite large which is pretty useful to get a wow-effect during presentations. Okay, just kidding. When you install something on your machine, the most obvious reason to do so is to use it of course. So, I decided to take a look at driver development for Windows Server 2003. Pretty interesting stuff although it's very very complex (especially when you're faced with it for the very first time). Nevertheless, I took the challenge (in fact I'm working on some project and a driver to emulate a device would be handy for the particular application) and did work on some samples. A nice on is the RAMDISK sample that can be found on-line as well on;en-us;Q257405. Although it was originally developed for Windows 2000 it still works on Windows Server 2003 but some minor modifications are recommended (the same holds for use on Windows XP as discussed in the KB article online). Thanks to this sample I now have a B: drive on my system (you can change the drive letter of the RAMDISK through the registry) with a size of 128 MB...

A possible use of a RAMDISK is described in;DE;834886 (unfortunately only available in German AFAIK) to protect privacy on the internet (by storing temporary files and cookies on the RAMDISK). Really handy in some scenario's... Note: there are other implementations of RAMDISKs for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 around the net. A simple Google search will give you quite some results.

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