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Introducing ClickOnce

The latest episode of MSDN TV introduces the new ClickOnce technology which will be shipped with Whidbey. You can find the episode over here:

People who like the Application Updater Block in .NET Framework v1.x applications today will love the idea that all this functionality has been integrated now with Visual Studio .NET "Whidbey" and the support for auto-updating applications has become a lot easier to implement. What ClickOnce wants to do, is to combine the best of two worlds: the world of rich clients (Windows Forms apps) and the world of easy-to-deploy web apps (e.g. xcopy deployment of new releases, updates, etc of ASP.NET apps). Thanks to ClickOnce, the deployment factor of an application's livecycle can be eliminated when you have to make a choice between thin (web) clients and fat (Windows) clients. You can find a complete overview of the brand new (if fact it's a major upgrade of several existing pieces of the big .NET technology pie) ClickOnce technology on MSDN:

Pretty amazing stuff. If you have Whidbey already installed on your development machine, don't hesitate to check this out. It's really as easy as "click once to deploy". | Digg It | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit | DotNetKicks

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