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ASP.NET Forums v2.0 Alpha announced

The ASP.NET Forums v2.0 Alpha will go on-line on January 15th on providing access to the forums of There are tons of new features in it:

  • Support for avatars
  • Possibility to add a link to your weblog
  • Improved search functionality
  • Message icons
  • Great message editing support with drag-and-drop for emoticons, functionality to insert C# / VB.NET code snippets
  • "E-mail replies on this post" function
  • Pinned posts in a seperate section
  • Quoting support with [quote] tags
  • IP address logging
  • NNTP feeds
  • Forums accessible via NNTP (read-only)
  • Ratings on threads

Other features will include (possibly):

More about the release on

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