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Exploring ASP.NET v2.0

Last week I received the book "A first look at ASP.NET v2.0" written by Alex Homer, Dave Sussman and Rob Howard via Proxis. Cool stuff! I recommend everyone who's working with ASP.NET today to read this book. I've almost finished my first reading of the book :-). My favorite topics are:

  • Master pages
  • Dynamic compilation
  • Better configuration tools and extended web.config
  • Code-free databinding (this one really rocks, reducing the lines of code dramatically) using the GridView and DetailsView controls
  • Support for new datasources, e.g. Access (ideal for entry level apps) --> where did we see this before? ASP.NET Web Matrix?
  • Navigation framework and XML sitemap
  • Membership API and the role manager + personalization
  • The provider design pattern
  • Themes, portal framwork, web parts, and so much more
  • URL mapping and cross-page posting
  • A bunch of new controls

And of course, how can I forget, the new caching features (my favorite topic): database cache invalidation, custom cache dependencies and post-cache substitution. Thanks again Rob and the whole ASP.NET team :-)

I'll try to finish my first reading tonight and tomorrow I'll kick off with the second reading, writing some great examples in Whidbey. Enjoy it, it's really worth to buy the book (it's really not that expensive): more info here! | Digg It | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit | DotNetKicks

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