Wednesday, November 05, 2003 11:49 PM bart

The way to ... Longhorn, Avalon, Indigo

Longhorn is the code name of the next release of the Microsoft Windows OS and is scheduled to go gold somewhere in 2005 (probably). Today, several great demo's and articles on Longhorn are already available around the net. I just installed installed Longhorn on my machine (build 4051) and it's pretty cool to mess around with the new .NET Framework base class library for Avalon, Indigo, etc. Avalon is the code-name for the new architecture of the graphical environment of the Windows OS based on another XML "format" called XAML. There's some great stuff around XAML on this site: The Longhorn SDK can be found on Today I tried a lot of things in Avalon which worked great (although being a very early beta). Make sure you watch the latest episode of MSDN TV on on Longhorn by Don Box (Indigo) and Chris Anderson (Avalon). Indigo is the name of a set of tools and technologies to extend the power of web services.

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