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About einstein, nero, socrates, plato and gray hair colored group members

I've been working at the College of Zottegem today (my good old school ;-)) on the IT-infrastructure. During the summer holiday we (Hans, Nick and myself) spent about 3 weeks working on a new infrastructure based on Windows Server 2003, Exchange 2003, Windows XP and 2000 Professional clients, Terminal Services, SQL Server 2000, Windows SharePoint Services, ClassServer, etc. After some struggles with folder redirection, ACLs etc everything is working great. The server back-end contains 4 servers, called nero (our internet-router server and anti-virus server), einstein (DC, DNS, DHCP, ...), socrates (mail and secondary DC, DNS + SUS, IIS 6, WMP 9, SQL) and plato (file server, SQL Server, intranet server, ...). Unfortunately plato went down in the first week of the new schoolyear due to a burned motherboard :(((. The other 'guys' are behaving well.

I even learned something new today (yes, that's possible, sure). While I was investigating some troubles with the replication between the DCs in the domain, I noticed that the student accounts in the security group 'Students' (in dutch, Leerlingen) had a gray hair color instead of a black one (which is the case for the teachers in their group). I can assure it looks funny. In first instance I thought this caused my replication problem, but it seemed to be a normal behaviour. When I tested this on my laptop as well (creating thousand accounts and joining these to a group), the same thing occurred: the hair color changed ;) Btw: those 1000 accounts were created on the fly with a little C# program:

DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://jefken/OU=Test,DC=bartdesmet,DC=local");

i = 0; i < 1000; i++)
     string login = "Test" + i.ToString();

     DirectoryEntry usr = entry.Children.Add("CN=" + login,"user");
     usr.Properties["userPrincipalName"].Add(login + "@bartdesmet.local");


Googling on the internet had this result:;en-us;281923. It seems that groups with more than 500 members get a new hair color :-). Cool feature, isn't it?

PS: Jefken is the name of my new laptop... just this and nothing more than this. | Digg It | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit | DotNetKicks

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